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Hollingside Technologies is pleased to announce the release of HTSync.

HTSync is a replacement for Microsoft Windows Live Sync which is being discontinued at the end of March 2011. Microsoft's replacement is not supported on operating systems prior to Windows Vista

The software suite includes a server product which co-ordinates all data transfers, and a client product, which can be installed on as many workstations as you wish.

The product is intended to act as a file and directory synchronisation tool. Any changes made to a file on your workstation are mirrored to the server - which are then distributed to all other workstations. The system is designed to cope with intermittant server connections - all changes made will be cached until a server connection can be made.

Example Usage

Hollingside Technologies uses this product as a means of continuous backup. Unlike Windows Live Sync, there is no restriction on the number of files stored, nor on their size. All changes to workstation files are instantly backed-up to our central file-server: if a workstation fails no data is lost. We use it when out and about on customer sites, or working away from any offices via mobile-broadband.


HTSync runs as a system service so no user interaction is required.

All data transfer is via your own computers - there is no using a server belonging to Microsoft or anyone else.

All file transfers are encrypted using 1024bit encryption.

System Requirements

  • hSync Server
  • Windows XP SP2 or greater, Windows Vista, or Windows 2003 Server (or later).
  • A public ip address in order that the clients can contact it remotely. If a public IP address is not available then the system will only work from within your network.
  • .Net 4.0 Framework (If required, a version could be created for users who require a different .Net version from 2.0 upwards)
  • SQL Server Express 2008. This is the free SQL server version made by Microsoft. If required a version can be supplied that has no SQL Server requirements - this version runs more slowly than the SQL optimised version. Any existing SQL Server installation can also be used.
  • PC Client
  • Any system capable of running the .Net 4.0 Framework (If required, a version could be created for users who require a different .Net version from 2.0 upwards)
  • An internet connection, or intranet connection to the server


The stock version as used internally by Hollingside Technologies Ltd (i.e. .Net 4.0, using SQL Server Express 2008) can be purchased for 10 for a personal licence. A corporate licence costs 150. For changes to the original specification, please contact us.

It has been reported that there are some issues with the current Beta - and it is not syncronising. We will address these issues as quickly as possible, however, at the moment this project is not an "invoice generating" project, and as such we have to focus on the projects that keep us all fed. Be assured that this project has not been abandoned and work will resume on it as soon as we have free time. Feel free to contact us to discuss this and the problems that the software is encountering.

Beta release version is now available. Please note, this is a beta release - and is used at your own risk. No liability will be accepted for any loss due to use of this software. This can be used for personal purposes without a licence.

Provisional User Guide