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The software here is provided "as is" and Hollingside Technologies accepts no liabilty for their use.
The software listed here are generally small utilities that we have written during the course of our work and think others might find useful. Help youself!


This application, written for .Net 2.0 in C# is securely delete files and folders. Use this application with care!

To quote from the command line help (autotidy /?)
Usage: With no parameters autotidy will securely delete all items from you cookies folder, your IE history folder, your internet cache and your temporary files folder.
If you pass parameters in - then autotidy will delete those folders. E.g.
autotidy "c:\delete me" "c:\another folder"
will delete all files and sub-folders in those two directories. CAUTION: 'autotidy c:\' will delete everything on your hard disk.
Use this utility with care. Hollingside Technologies cannot be held responsible for how you use this software. If you have a multi-processor machine, all processors will be used.
Files deleted are over written 3 times with random data and then renamed 3 times before being deleted.

You should note that, in Windows XP at least, certain files (index.dat) are in use and cannot be deleted from your temporary internet files cache. To get around this, you should reboot your machine and login as another user (that has priviledges to access those files) and then delete the requred files.

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Keep Alive

This application, written for .Net 2.0 in C# is to automatically reboot Draytek Vigor routers if communications with the outside world are lost. It seems that my router sometimes needs to be rebooted - usually when I am 10,000 miles away. This app does it for me. Written for a Draytek Vigor 2600+ - but it should work with others if they accept the "sys reboot" command. A version of this that runs as a service is available. Please contact us for further details.

Port Scanner

This, written in C#, is a very simple port scanner. It isn't particularly the most efficient implementation, but was written as an example application for C#'s use of network protocols and multi-threading as part of a training course.